Uncategorized What Are the Two Main Components on the Motherboard?

What Are the Two Main Components on the Motherboard?


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Do you know the most important part of your computer? It’s not your hard drive. It’s not even your keyboard.

It’s your motherboard. That’s the heart of your computer or mobile device. If it doesn’t work or stops functioning for any reason, your computer won’t boot up and you’ll have a host of other issues.

You should know how a motherboard works so you can diagnose any issues you have with your computer. That starts by understanding the different components of the motherboard

What are the two main components on the motherboard? Keep reading to find out the main parts that make up your motherboard.

The Motherboard

The motherboard is the most important part of your device because it’s the centralized location for your device. The motherboard allocates resources that allow the various processes and programs to run on your computer.

Every function from a keystroke to internet browsing is controlled by the motherboard.

All other devices have to connect to your motherboard in order to function. That includes graphics cards, hard drives, and HDMI outlets.

These ports often make up the motherboard, but they’re not the most important components.

What are the Two Main Components on the Motherboard?

The two most important parts of the motherboard have to do with speed and resources. These components are the CPU and the RAM. You probably have heard of these things, but what do they actually mean for your device?


The CPU is the central processing unit. It’s the brain of your device. It’s a tiny chip that’s installed on your motherboard. It controls all of the functions of your computer.

Its main job is to calculate the resources it takes to perform a function and then delegate that function to another card, whether that’s a graphics card or hard drive.

You’re probably more familiar with the brands that make CPUs. The most popular companies are AMD and Intel.


RAM stands for Random Access Memory. RAM stores information temporarily as your computer or phone performs different functions.

Here’s how it works. The CPU will get instructions from you. Let’s say you want to open up a web browser. You click on the icon and open it up. The CPU gets those instructions and then stores information in RAM to make sure the program runs.

If you don’t have enough RAM, your programs can take forever to load because there aren’t enough resources to run the program.

It may mean that you need to upgrade your RAM on your device. You’ll want to call up a computer repair company to take care of that for you.   

Understanding How Computers Work

When you dig under the hood of your phone or computer, you begin to realize the engineering marvels they truly are.

At the heart of these devices is the motherboard. What are the two main components on the motherboard? The CPU and RAM. Together they control the rest of the functions of the device and the speed in which they’re done.

Now that you know how your devices work, take a look at the home page for more tech content.

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