When is the new iPhone 7 going to Release, date, price, specification & new feature rumours

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Apple accustomed up to always keep us up to date when it comes to technology. The company is continuously investing time and money into developing better devices for all the fans of the brand. IPhone 6 is already on the market, being in the possession of so many people out there. Still, it won’t be long until the new generation of Apple smartphones appears

apple-iphone-7-release-date-and-price-apple-iphone-7-launch-date-specifications-review-latest-news-iphone 7-rumors-feature-upcoming-apple-iphone-2016-expected-release-date-information

iPhone 7 release date rumours : When is the iPhone 7 coming out?

There are already rumors telling that a new phone will be released soon by the company, under the name of iPhone 7.  May be on iPhone 7 Plus will come on 9 September 2016.. How true are these things and what should be expected? We are going to find this out together. Rumors, release date, details, and even an expected price of the so-called iPhone 7, we tried to dig everything up.

iPhone 7  price: How much will the iPhone 7 cost?

If you already feel excited and planning to raise a proper budget for the new iPhone, you must know that you will have plenty of time to do money savings. If we are to discuss the price of the coming iPhone, you must know that it won’t come cheap. It is expected that the device will have all the newest features and technologies, placing it in the price range of $900 to $1000, differing from one area to another. Some mobile carriers might be able to provide the iPhone 7 under a contract, but at this point we do not know which carriers will be chosen for this opportunity.

iPhone 7 rumours: Design & specifications

What new features will the new iPhone bring on the market? Well, it is said that it will arrive with an entirely new look, thinner and more powerful. There aren’t too many details about the new design, since, as you may know it, Apple is very secretive when it comes to their new devices, especially since there is plenty of time until the presumed release.

Iphone can also release some feature in Iphone 7 model whose even concept is also absent in previous model like Waterproof Protection , E-Sim , Sapphire glass , Wireless Chanrging and force touch technology.

Concerning the size of the new iPhone, it is believed that there will be no changes in this chapter, Apple sticking to the 4.7 and 5.5-inch range. What will be different though may be the thickness of the device. It is expected that the new iPhone to have a more futuristic appearance, and be much thinner than any other device Apple launched until now. How can we tell if this is what they are after? Well, there were speculations that Apple may change the display for the new iPhone 7, using a glass-on-glass touch panel technology. Still, the rumor was discredited by an Apple official, who said that the company will continue to use in-cell panels for the display of their mobile devices. And that means that the technology will enable Apple to keep making thinner and thinner devices. It is assumed that they will want to reach the performance hold by their iPod, developing a mobile phone that will be somewhere in the range of 6.0 and 6.5 mm. The latest iPod has only 6.1 mm in thickness, being the role model for the new iPhone 7.

The point is that the new iPhone is prepared to be the best mobile phone ever released by Apple so that the price will be according to its features and performance. Until the Final Apple announcement regarding the release date and price for the Iphone 7, we must have to agree on the point that iPhone 7 is going to be lighter, smarter, bigger and of course an intuitive smartphone than its predecessors.

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